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Grecian Style Dress Shoot

Feel good at home: Grecian style dress shoot, summer choice from Banana Republic

Grecian style dress shoot, a story to inspire: Firstly, I want you to know what a big fan I am of this dress in general. It has always been my go-to store whenever I am looking for something special and of course eye-catchy.

The pattern on the dress reminds me of summer in Greece, I am still unsure of the reason. I love the combination of blue with white and yellow. And how light and easy to wear are chiffon dresses?

Inspired by the innovation of San Francisco, Banana Republic has always represented an approach to style.

by Michaela 

For the photoshoot with my photographer Andrew Howes, I decided to pair the dress with my shoes from Aldo but it would look as good combined with white or yellow shoes as well.  I love doing photoshoots in Johannesburg, there are so many great and creative places for artistic or fashion shoots. For this photoshoot we decided to add a little culture and nothing beats graffiti right?

I believe it is called Urban Photography. It is a great way to get out and find some unique images, whether in your own city or abroad. Cities provide a multitude of interesting subjects, that is for sure. Graffiti is a rebellious art form that shows no restrictions or limits, one that rebels against conventional forms of artwork that is accepted by society. Which I love!

…living, and a state of mind, that separates the brand from the crowd.

Graffiti dates to the Roman Empires where they were plastered onto walls to make political statements and satirize current events. Graffiti today achieves many of the same things – to state a message that does not necessarily fit into the norms of society. How rebel of me. That said, back to fashion.

This innovative brand recently launched an evolved positioning.

by Michaela 

Bringing style to the modern consumer’s journey of achievement. True to form, the brands’ campaign is a heartfelt nod to the modern-day adventurer who appreciates the journey, not just the destination, and is perfectly outfitted every step of the way. Inspired by the brand’s heritage and the pioneering spirit of its San Francisco roots, Banana Republic celebrates authenticity with style.

California’s state of mind is the core qualities that define “Banana Republic” as the true outfitters of modern fashion. In South Africa where I live the beautiful October spring is over. Summer is here. Hello, summer shopping!

I hope I inspired some creative and fun ideas for photoshoots.

Stay beautiful, stay stylish, stay safe!

Michaela, founder of What Could I Wear Today

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