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The Most Exotic Places in The World: Part 2

In the first part of this sequel of exotic destinations, we took you on a journey of fire and ice. From active volcanos and white sandy beaches to icebergs and old shipwrecks. Enjoy The Most Exotic Places in the World: Part 2.


Grenada, also known as the “island of spice” due to its production of nutmeg, is a tri-island Caribbean nation located just north of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. Flights to Grenada are widely available from major cities including New York, Miami, London, and Toronto. There are different accommodation options available all throughout Grenada to suit your preferred requirements. 

Like in any part of the Caribbean, diving is an absolute must. However, what’s special is that Grenada is home to the first underwater sculpture park in the world. If diving or underwater art are not your things, get your snorkel and flippers and enjoy the colourful marine life beneath the surface. If you prefer to be on top of the water, a kayak or boat tour would be a great way to enjoy the sun and panoramic Caribbean scenery. 

Grenada offers an abundance of unspoiled landscapes. If you love hiking, then Concord Falls and Annandale Waterfall and Forest Park are just for you. 

For more information on travelling to this Caribbean paradise, click on the link below:


If you ever had the opportunity to set foot on Antarctica, count yourself lucky as this is a most adventure-seekers dream. Antarctica is the pinnacle of raw nature. So much so, that the southern-most continent on the planet is virtually uninhabited and does not even have its own flag, as it is not a country nor governed by any authority. 

Unless you are part of a scientific research organization, travelling to Antarctica may be a challenge. The best way for tourists to get there is on a ship from the southern tip of South America. Most tourist ships depart from Ushuaia, Argentina in the summer, and take roughly 48 hours to reach Antarctica. 

If you’re wondering, what could a person possibly do on an uninhabited continent, the answer is: a lot! Antarctica is not only famous for its penguin colonies, but it is also one of the best places in the world for whale watching, where you can get up close and admire these majestic giants. The most common species that you can see include orcas, humpbacks, and blue whales, among others. 

For those with a sense of adventure, camping under the stars with a view of the Milky Way would be something to remember for a long time. If you are wondering about the research activities that take place on Antarctica, plan a visit to one of the scientific research stations. One recommended station is Vernadsky Research Station, a Ukrainian base that focuses on weather and climate, and was the first to discover the hole in the ozone layer. 

If you are not afraid of the cold, show your social media audience what you’re made of and take a Polar Plunge in the ice-cold waters. To warm up, head on over to the southernmost bar in the world at Vernadsky Station. The scientists distil the vodka themselves and sell it at around USD$3 per shot, however,

…there is a tradition that if you donate your bra to the bar, your shot is free!

Trekking in Antarctica requires real courage and a lot of experience. Mount Vinson is the highest mountain in Antarctica, with its summit standing at 4897m. This is a 14-day expedition that requires months of training and preparation. One of the most remarkable adventures that you could ever experience would be an expedition to the South Pole. Like Mount Vinson, this is a journey that should not be taken lightly and should be researched and planned down to every fine detail.

Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on earth and a firm favourite on our list of The Most Exotic Places in the World: Part 2. Before departing the ‘White Continent, do not forget to send your loved ones a postcard from the Penguin Post Office at Port Lockroy.

Republic of Rwanda

Located in central Africa, just a few degrees south of the Equator, the Republic of Rwanda is a small nation with a lot to offer. Also known as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda has an ever-growing tourism industry, following a history of genocide and sorrow. 

Rwanda is not only among the safest countries in Africa, but it also takes the front seat as being the cleanest country on the continent. Plastic bags are not allowed. Tourists cannot bring them into the country, and stores do not give them out. Instead, paper bags or biodegradable bags made from cassava or banana leaves are used. 

Rwanda is most famous for being one of only two countries in the world where it is safe to trek through the rainforest and visit mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Although this once in a lifetime experience comes at a hefty price in the form of a ‘trekking license’, it is well worth every cent. It is not every day that you can spend time in the company of these amazing creatures. The tours are professionally organized by experienced guides who know and understand mountain gorillas, thus promising a safe and unforgettable experience. 

If you love nature, then Rwanda is the place for you. The unspoiled lush rainforest will leave you breathless, the most popular of which is Nyungwe Forest National Park, in the southwestern part of the country. Hyungwe is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa and is home to 1068 plant species, 322 species of birds and 13 species of primate, including chimpanzees, among other animals. 

Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, is the cleanest city in Africa, and rightly so. One can not only stroll through town safely but can also enjoy the warm hospitality of the friendly locals. Visit the Genocide Memorial to learn about the country’s tragic past or appreciate and purchase some of the local art that can be found all throughout the city. There is something for everyone in Kigali. 

For more information and tips on travelling to Rwanda follow the link below:

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 volcanic islands, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Norway. Due to its geographical location, tourism in the Faroe Islands is not as big as its nearby Scandinavian neighbours, which makes it a perfect contender for our Most Exotic Places in the World: Part 2. 

One of the things that make the Faroe Islands special is that the average temperature during winter is 3 degrees Celsius, the highest of the Nordic countries. Of course, there are other interesting facts about this island nation like that there are only five traffic lights, transport on city buses in the capital, Torshavn, is free of charge, and 50% of the nation’s electricity derives from renewable energy sources. 

Despite Faroe Islands’ remote location, getting there is not as tricky as people would assume. There are two airlines that fly to the Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways and Scandinavian Airlines. There are regular flights from major European cities such as Paris, Bergen, Edinburgh, and Copenhagen. Accommodation options are widely available from camping and hostels to guesthouses and hotels. 

Faroe Islands is a nation of unexplored and unspoiled natural beauty. Leitisvatn is the largest lake in the country and is best known for its unique location, on top of a large layer of rock above the ocean. Hiking options in the Faroe Islands are endless. Mykines is the westernmost island and is famous for its lush landscapes and being home to a large puffin population.

…It is also the only island that is in the UTC-1 region, however, it uses GMT like the rest of the Faroes.

Husavik, on the east island of Sandoy, is one of the Faroe Islands’ hidden gems. A charming old village with colourful houses and a lush landscape. In the centre of the village are old ruins, believed to be the remains of a farm that belonged to the ‘Lady of the House of Husavik’. She was a strict and extremely wealthy woman who owned all the land in Husavik, as well as properties in Norway. It is believed that she earned her wealth from a gold horn that she dug out after dreaming about it and gifting it to the king.

The best way to explore the Faroe Islands is on a bicycle. All islands are connected by subsea tunnels, ferries, and bridges, which makes this experience pleasurable and very much feasible. Do not forget to prepare well with appropriate clothing, raincoat, tool kit, helmet, lights, and of course your camera equipment to capture this unforgettable journey.

If you are looking for more unique experiences, why not go horse riding, or go diving and explore the captivating underwater world? We highly recommend diving only with a local qualified instructor, as this could be dangerous to do alone, even if you are an experienced diver.

For more information on travelling to the Faroe Islands, follow the link below:

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