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Elevating Winter Fashion: A Palette of Comfort and Elegance

The winter months often bring a sense of gloom, compounded by the heavy layers of dark clothing we adorn to combat the cold. However, renowned designer Maher Ghalayini sheds light on a vibrant and uplifting colour palette for winter fashion. Despite the conventional inclination towards darker hues, Maher insists that incorporating light shades is essential to combat the winter blues.

Coconut Milk – A Winter Wardrobe Essential: Maher suggests embracing the timeless elegance of “coconut milk.” Contrary to common belief, light shades can be practical and fashionable in the cold season. This neutral tone serves as a versatile canvas for crafting memorable winter looks.

Mohair and Wool Scarf | White

Hydrangea – A Modern Twist on Classic Blue: For a contemporary take on classic blue, Maher introduces “hydrangea.” This variation pairs seamlessly with dusty pink, yellow, and black, creating a dynamic and visually appealing winter wardrobe. The hue adds a touch of sophistication and versatility to your outfit choices.

Menthol – Nobility and Elegance: Drawing attention to the nobility and elegance of the menthol shade, Maher recommends pairing it with beige and peach clothes and accessories. This subtle yet refined colour choice adds a touch of sophistication to your winter ensemble.

Mohair And Wool Scarf | Pale Green

Honey-Coral for a Striking Presence: To infuse energy and charm into your winter wardrobe, Maher recommends investing in items in the enchanting “honey-coral” colour. This warm hue adds vibrancy to the season and ensures your ensemble stands out in the sea of dark winter attire.


Neon trends may have faded.


Emphasize the enduring appeal of classic yellow.


Step away from acidic tones.

Viva Magenta looks harmonious with red, terracotta and red. As we bid adieu to 2023, the PANTONE colour Viva Magenta is set to be replaced by the colour of the year for 2024 – Peach Fuzz. This will not stop designers from embracing Viva Magenta in their winter collections 2023-24. Drawing comfort from this gentle hue, Peach Fuzz invites a sense of peace, wellbeing, and modernity into our winter wardrobes.

Nava Handcrafted 13″ African Leather Laptop Sleeve | Tsonga

Nava Handcrafted African Sling Bag | Xhosa

Nava Handcrafted 15″ African Leather Laptop Sleeve | Tsonga

PANTONE Peach Fuzz – A New Modernity: The colour embodies a new sophistication, offering a delicate balance between sensitivity and sophistication. This contemporary peach hue, with its understated lightness, adds a subtle impact to the world of fashion, enriching the mind, body, and soul.

Nava Handcrafted Leather Travel Bag | Ebony Black

Nava Handcrafted African Sling Bag | Coral

As 2024 approaches, fashion enthusiasts are encouraged to look forward to a winter wardrobe dominated by Peach Fuzz, Coconut Milk, Hydrangea, and Bright Yellow. Naz Maher’s expert advice transcends the conventional dark winter palette, ushering in a season of comfort, elegance, and a refreshing sense of modernity. So, don’t hesitate to embark on your winter shopping journey, embracing these invigorating hues that promise to redefine winter fashion.

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