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Why Pep Guardiola’s watch made headlines after the Champions League match

The limited edition accessory is the lightest mechanical watch ever created

Pep Guardiola’s choice of wristwatch during Manchester City’s Champions League match against Real Madrid garnered significant attention and headlines worldwide, adding a new dimension to the excitement surrounding the game. According to TNT Sports, Guardiola wore an extravagant Richard Mille watch at Madrid’s Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. The luxurious timepiece in question is a limited edition accessory known for its opulence and exclusivity.

Valued at a staggering £1 million ($1.26 million), the Richard Mille watch worn by Guardiola is not just any ordinary timepiece. It is part of a collection comprising only 50 units, making it an exceptionally rare and coveted item among watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. What sets this watch apart is not just its exorbitant price tag, but also its remarkable engineering feat – it is hailed as the lightest mechanical watch ever created.

Weighing a mere 18.83 grams, including the strap, the Richard Mille watch defies conventional expectations of watchmaking with its astonishingly lightweight design. To put this into perspective, the weight of the watch is equivalent to approximately four sheets of A4 paper, estimated CNN, highlighting the incredible feat of miniaturization achieved by its designers.

One of the most notable wearers of this extraordinary timepiece, and proud owner of entire Richard Mille collection, is none other than tennis legend Rafael Nadal, a 22-time Grand Slam champion. Renowned for his aggressive playing style and lightning-fast reflexes on the court, Nadal’s endorsement of the Richard Mille watch speaks volumes about its durability and performance under pressure. Each component of the watch is meticulously crafted to minimize weight without compromising on quality or functionality.

…People think a watch must weigh a lot to be a luxury. But there’s no reason why we should add weight to create value. People have to overcome these notions.

The Richard Mille watch boasts a combination of cutting-edge materials and innovative design features. Its carbon back provides exceptional shock resistance and scratch-proof durability while maintaining an incredibly light profile. Additionally, the titanium base plate is ingeniously attached to the case using four steel cables, each measuring a mere 0.35 mm in diameter, ensuring optimal stability and precision.

For Pep Guardiola, known for his sartorial elegance and keen eye for fashion, the choice of wristwatch is more than just a practical accessory – it is a statement of personal style and sophistication. Guardiola’s affinity for fashion dates back to his early days as a footballer, where he showcased his versatility by moonlighting as a model for renowned Spanish designer Antonio Miro in 1993. Today, as the manager of Manchester City, Guardiola continues to command attention both on and off the pitch, cementing his status as a fashion icon in the world of sports.

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