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Did Somebody Just Say Cherry Fiesta?

Did somebody just say Cherry Fiesta? An opulent world of cherries, with hundreds of sorts to choose from. At the beginning of every summer, Kyustendil city turns into a Bulgarian capital of cherries. The exhibition of the fruit began in 1896 when the first Bulgarian National Residence Exhibition was established, and the city of Kyustendil received the title “mother of Bulgarian plant fruit growing”. An emphasis of the fiesta is the exhibition bazaar of cherries and cherry produce. Farmers from all over the country bring over a hundred different cherry varieties. Traders and craftsmen present their cherry masterpieces. All of this you will find inside the temporary city garden bazar.

“Cherry Heritage” folklore program contributes to a good authentic mood. Participation of various dance formations and individual singers are included in the program. “Cherry in crafts” is an annual contest, which includes “largest cherry”, “best-arranged cherry booth”, among other competitions. Cherry fiesta, Kyustendil normally takes place at end of June,  and in 2021 is planned for 25th, 26th and 27th. When planning your visit to Cherry Fiesta- Kyustendil, consider taking advantage of the healing qualities of mineral water in this city, and a walk around the popular local tourist sites.

Also called “the city of the springs”, Kyustendil has over 50-year history as a modern balneological resort. In Ancient times, Kyustendil was known as the Roman bath resort Ulpia Pautalia with life-giving water, where the Roman generals and warriors were treated after battles.

The second-largest balneological in the Balkans was built in honour of god Asclepius, remains of Roman baths, buildings, temples and other archaeological sites found in the field of the thermal zone.

In Medieval times the city continues to develop as a healing destination under Ottoman rule.

Much later after the Liberation in 1966, Kyustendil was declared a national resort. Modern balneotherapy has been opened, several new sanatoriums are built, increasing its glory as a balneological centre. With a Document from the Ministry of Health on March 8, 1994, Kyustendil is designated as a spa resort of national importance.

Kyustendil’s mineral springs are more than 40 and all were captured in 1910-1911, when the waters have joined in three baths – “Nai”, “Alay” and “Dervish”. The first two were built in 1911 and 1928 in the place of Roman baths, and the third is an old Turkish building from the middle of the 18th century. Visiting them is a lifetime experience, surrounded by spa artefacts and evolution.

…In connection with the introduced anti-epidemic measures in the country this year the fair organizers retain the right to change the Cherry fiesta program.

Gallivanting through the historical sites of the city, among them is the historical museum with its permanent exposition from Roman times and authentic regional exponents. Museum corner for children presents the exhibits in an easy and accessible manner. So, if you are introducing European history to your children, place it on your bucket list. Optionally visiting the Mosque Ahmed Bay, St. George Museum Complex, which includes the church “St. George” dating back to the end of the X century.

Art Gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora”, established in 1959 and in 1972 moved to a dedicated building, is an artistry place that should not be missed. The gallery is known for the constant exposition of the pictures of the famous Bulgarian artist Vladimir Dimitrov, and pictures of other prominent Kyustendil artists are also housed. A one-day tour to the fortress wall of the Pautalia fortress, which is located on Hisarlaka hill, is a highly recommended outdoor activity. There is a Natural Park and a zoo on the hill.

All in all, Kyustendil has much to offer to visitors. Great place to visit not only for the Cherry Fiesta but also full of spectacular ancient landmarks, history, art, and one of the most valuable healing mineral waters in the world, for which we will tell you in the next article. Subscribe below if you do not want to miss out.

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