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Rare Snowfall Turns Las Vegas Into a Desert Wonderland

Rare snowfall turns Las Vegas into a desert wonderland and the city gets a real test of winter.

When it comes to Las Vegas, most people imagine palms and tropical temperatures. But February’19 was definitely an exception to the rule. Everyone who has travelled to Vegas at this time and hoped for a summer vacation have had the wrong perception.

Snow – yes, snow covered the Las Vegas Strip on 22 February 2019, thanks to a winter storm that ran through the southwest of the US. And certainly, a little snowfall in Vegas is fun with visitors captures turning the rare weather condition to a social media spectacular event.

Every battle is a gamble, Snow. The man who does nothing also takes a risk.

by George R.R. Martin, A song of ice and fire

According to NBC, the city of Henderson, Nevada, which is located southeast of Las Vegas, had a one-inch snow cover on this rare weather-condition evening. According to the National Meteorological Service, temperatures had fallen to their lowest levels since the 1930s.

This meteorological phenomenon, explains NBC, is due to the lowered altitude, which is snowing below 600 meters. Even though the storm has broken some people’s travel plans, it has brought a great rare occasion vibe into social media. Images look almost like the rare snowfall turns Las Vegas into a desert wonderland.

…When it snows in Vegas, you have two choices: shovel or make rear memories.

And surely, for visitors a little snowfall in Vegas is fun, but Arizona residents did not think so. In some parts of Nevada, school classes have been cancelled. And for an hour, parts of highways closed due to worsened metrological conditions.

When snow falls, nature listens.

by Antoinette Van Kleeff

Ok, it is a silly title, but really this day at Vegas might be the nicest bet that you have ever had. The hoodoos are dusted with a recent snowfall, but the sun is warm and bright, and the temperature reported was mild. There was not much cloud to light up but with a landscape like Nevada, it is not really needed. Photographers were perhaps too captivated by the rare weather condition, to come up with a more typical composition.

These quite simple shots with no additional foreground or framing elements are making Red Rock look like a desert wonderland. Looking at the light just as the sun was coming up bathing the desert landscape with red, orange, and pink in the sun’s first glow, at Red Rock Canyon, without a doubt these images are miraculous.

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