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Ristorante Pizzeria Fuego, Procida, Italy

Pizza lovers may sometimes ask themselves, ‘where would you find the best pizza?’.

The answer is quite straightforward, in Italy of course. Where in Italy though? Perhaps Napoli, the home of pizza?

What about in a charming and traditional little restaurant on an authentic little fishing island off the coast of Napoli? We are talking about Ristorante Pizzeria Fuego on the incredible island of Procida, Italy.

On our trip to Italy, our team went on a mission to find ‘a needle in a haystack’ in search of the best pizza. Best not only in terms of taste, but also most authentic and traditional as possible, and yes, the surrounding sceneries are part of the authentic experience.

After consuming many calories in different parts of the Italian boot, we found what we were searching for. Ristorante Pizzeria Fuego in the charming fishing village of Procida, a short ferry ride off the coast of Napoli.


When you visit Procida, Italy, don’t miss the opportunity to have the best Italian Margarita pizza at Ristorante Pizzeria Fuego.


While exploring the streets of Procida you will be amused from the locals’ driving skills, some tiny streets walls have been literally dug-up by vehicles’ handlebars and side mirrors.


Ardent photographers must get ready to walk up to the Procida higher ground. You will find plenty of bold spots on your way up, and while on top, to capture some incredible shots. 

After wandering around the island and enjoying its charm, our team found itself on the main harbour. Not only a beautiful sight but also, we are standing in front of Ristorante Pizzeria Fuego.

We sit at an outside table, to our right is the harbour with its countless little fishing boats, and on our left is the village of Procida with its incredible pastel-coloured buildings. Could not have asked for a more relaxing view.

Our friendly waitress arrives at the table and after taking our drinks order we get straight to the point, ‘What is your most traditional Italian pizza on the menu?’.

The waitress immediately points to the Margarita pizza, making it our choice for the day. In no longer than 10 minutes the pizza arrives.

A little odd-looking, but we don’t judge a book by its cover. As the first bite touches our soul, with the sound of ‘lasciatemi cantare’ being sung by some locals at the table next to us, we realized that have found our hidden treasure.

The search for the perfect pizza at the perfect location has been accomplished, yet another tick off our bucket list.

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