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The Dream of Owning a Private Island:

How it all started …
According to a television report from one of the world’s most successful island brokers (Vladis Private Island) from Hamburg, it is possible to find islands to buy, from a starting price of 75.000€ to 25.000.000€. I just had a look at the homepage, and was of course
interested in the relatively low starting price mentioned in the report.

After all prices in the Mediterranean region went up from over € 1,000,000€ – I just looked in Scandinavia. Ultimately, I immediately liked the look of the Majorsgrund Island in Finland (near Vaasa) very much, so I decided to ask for more information. With all the information / key data in hand, I let my brother in – and introduced him to everything.

After my brother’s initial scepticism, we were able to make a compromise in the summer of 2018, namely that we at least visit the island before we dismiss the whole thing as a dream. When we arrived on the island in July 2018, we knew very quickly that this was a special place – almost unique. This nature, tranquillity as you don’t know here anymore. So one thing led to another, and we decided to buy the island on the spot. Fortunately, the seller stuck to his agreement with a handshake (we were the first prospects/viewing).

A lot has happened since summer 2018 – and we are particularly proud of our investments in renewable energies. On our island man / woman can now live completely self- sufficient – we generate energy from the sun and wind and store this energy in the latest storage batteries – this enables us, among other things, to operate our two own chemical-free water treatment plant. They can produce up to 180 litres of drinking water per hour from seawater. With this produced water, we also operate our hot water shower with a view of the open sea, among other things.

From May 2020 our island can also be rented by everyone.

And from May 2022 our second house will be also renovated – so then we will have 16 beds in 2 houses. That will be perfect for families.

What makes our island unique?
It’s not just the long days from the end of May to the end of July, when the sun never sets, and the day just doesn’t end. No, our island grows 10mm out of the sea every year despite the rise in sea level. How that works – there is an archipelago in the Kvarken Archipelago, the land mass of which is growing by around 100 hectares annually due to the post-glacial uplift. In addition, Majorsgrund can be reached by plane from almost every major city in Central Europe in 4 hours. From Vaasa International Airport it is only 20km to the pier and only 5 minutes by boat to the island.

There is also a fun fact about Majorsgrund. The island was the main prize of the state lottery in 1920. Since then, the island has only changed hands twice. And what do you say now – do you feel like spending the night alone on a private island?
www.majorsgrund-island.comIG: visitmajorsgrund, FB: Majorsgrund Island

About us:
Timo Pohl, father, lives with 3-year-old son and girlfriend in Munich-Solln, 37 years old, carpenter and gastro entrepreneur, world traveller. Jannis Pohl, father, lives with 3 month-old daughter and girlfriend in Munich – Thalkirchen, 34 years old, insurance salesman and gastro entrepreneur, skipper, world traveller.

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