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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Biggest NYE Party)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( biggest NYE party in the world).

Hi, my name is Mario, from Mario Iliev’s YouTube Travel Channel. My good friend Nicolas and I travelled to Rio De Janeiro to experience the world’s biggest NYE party in Copacabana. We began our journey at Luanda International Airport where we introduced ourselves with the GoPro Hero 6 action camera for the very first time. We then take you on a journey and give you an overview of the amazing city that is Rio De Janeiro.

The mega-city offers busy coastlines, breath-taking sunrises, and friendly locals who express themselves through artwork, dance, and ubiquitous Rio De Janeiro partying. We begin at Escadaria Selaron before overcoming my fear of heights as we hop onto the cable car to the lookout point on Sugarloaf Mountain, the city’s iconic peak. A trip to Brazil is no trip without a visit to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

They have a joy for life in Brazil, unlike any country I’ve ever seen.

by Morena Baccarin

We then hire some bicycles and paddle our way around some scenic lakes before we begin our preparation for the biggest NYE party in the world! We show you as people flood the streets all dressed in white to represent peace! 3 million people along Copacabana and Ipanema beaches count down before an 18-minute fireworks display.  

The following morning, we decided that a hiking expedition would be a great idea! Well… the view was certainly worth it! We give you a taste of a typical favela experience as we stroll through Vidigal, one of the city’s more tourist-friendly favelas, however, one always needs to stay vigilant.

WOW! Brazil is big.

We ended our trip in this amazing city as we surrendered ourselves to nature and hiked through the Tijuca National Forest. It was hot, despite living in Africa, it was hot. Sultry, hot, with the sun burning your skin and lack of any wind. Make sure to have water with you and keep hydrated.

Brazil has no parties, only acronyms.

by Michel Temer

In Episode 02, we venture off on two amazing side trips feasible within Rio De Janeiro. The weather condition there was just right. Warm, but not muggy, with short showers, sea breezes, and the sun hidden behind the clouds for the most part. However, apart from the hot weather in Rio we met amazing people, we had an incredible time, mega party experience, monumental landmarks, fun hikes, and spectacular views. 

All behind the scenes images are provided by Mario Iliev’s YouTube travel channel.

Comment below if you know which these may be. Clues can be found on our Instagram account @wanderlust.magazine

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