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Vogue Dancing Reaches Kazakhstan

Spingun production: Vogue dancing reaches Kazakhstan

Vogue dancing reaches Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. On July 6, 2018, Kazakhstan marks the 21st anniversary of its capital, Astana. In 1997, the president of sovereign Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, proposed that the capital be moved from Almaty to Aqmola. By a presidential decree of 6 May 1998, Aqmola was renamed to Astana, which in Kazakh means “capital”. The word can be translated from Persian also in the sense of “worship”. As in any double-fold birthday event, voguing reaches Kazakhstan.

Architectural ensembles are built according to the Japanese architect Kurosawa, whose work includes the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and the Osaka National Ethnological Museum. His master plan combines contemporary design and Asian color, which gives the city a unique look. The city’s architectural beauty competes with the likes of Tokyo, New York, and Dubai.

Since 2000 the Astana is a member of the International Assembly of Capitals and Large Cities.

by Wikipedia

Astana has become a platform for the ideas of another distinguished architect – the Briton Norman Foster, an award-winning classic of high-tech architecture. He is the architect of Millennium Bridge in London and the largest airport in the world – that in Beijing; the rebuilding of the Reichstag in Berlin and the Commerzbank headquarters in Frankfurt am Main – the highest skyscraper in Europe; the upgraded Wembley Stadium in London and the famous Hurst Tower in New York. Foster is also the author of one of the most original buildings in London – the skyscraper “Swiss Re”, known as the “Cucumber”.

For the typical Astana architecture of UFO space shuttles, skyscrapers with rooftops such as mosques and Chinese pagodas, madrasas with modern design, deserted squares as far as you can see, the 62-meter pyramid, thousands of Greco-Thracian-Roman symbols, a mega-mall in the form of a traditional tent, erected pillars and blue glass labyrinths the music by upcoming Deep House Producer Mount & Electronic Dance Duo Palastic underlines the energetic vibe with heavy baselines and airy bridges.

In July 1999, Astana was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“The Momentum video was shot in just two days. In the long run, Berlin film collective Spingun and director Johannes Jelinek had to cover 16 locations in less than 40 hours. The result is a minimalistic, yet diverse glimpse into an unexposed country, defying the widespread image most people have about Kazakhstan.” Torge Hillnhütter, Development Producer, SPINGUN FILMS, first-time impression of Kazakhstan, shared with us.

Contemporary dancer Madina Beisekeyeva explores the surreal landscapes of her futuristic hometown Astana.

by Spingun Films

Just a few months after the Momentum video, Astana was renamed again. From March 2019 the city name is Nur-Sultan. The capital new name is in honor of Kazakhstan departed president Nursultan Nazarbayev. “Nur-Sultan smart city” is a state planed developing project for the automatization of various sectors, like hospitals, schools, street lighting, and ticket booking.

Beside advanced technology integration, and modern architecture, Nur-Sultan is appreciated as a host for high-profile diplomatic talks and summits on key global issues. All-in-all a very engrossing destination, and even the fact that you can fall asleep in Nur-Sultan and wake up in something else,  makes the city yet more charming for adventurers.

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