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Operation Santa Claus (Everything About Santa’s Village)

Santa is coming, no matter what happens next. Operation Santa Claus with deep fascinating insights. 

Few of us know that there is a place that comes close to our childhood wonders. It is the embodiment of the Christmas spirit and the festive tradition of Santa Claus for people from all around the world. Santa’s village exists and is located in the town of Rovaniemi in the Finnish province of Lapland. Opened as an amusement park in 1985, it is an extremely popular tourist destination and attracts children and adults from all over the world. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we will tell you more…

Lapland (Finnish Lappi) is the arctic north of Finland, officially called the province of the same name, but, originating near the Arctic Circle.

In winter, the temperature can drop to -50 degrees, and the sun is completely invisible during the whole polar night (the so-called kaamos). And, on the contrary, white nights come in summer, and the temperature sometimes rises to 30 degrees, although in summer the temperature is usually around 10 – 20 degrees. The warmest month is July.

The history of the magical village

In 1950, Eleanor Roosevelt, known for her humanitarian work as the widow of the former US president, decided to visit Lapland. Her aim is to trace the post-war reconstruction of the area and in particular the town of Rovaniemi. The locals faced the difficult task of organizing a sufficiently interesting program. 

To that end, architect Ferdinand Salokangas was tasked with designing a traditional Finnish-style house to create a place for photos and relaxation during the upcoming visit, while the building is stable enough to remain in place in the interest of tourists. The construction is made from local logs of wood. Apart from being easy to operate, it is also a good enough insulator to protect visitors to the building from the weather conditions.

Roosevelt’s visit had a huge impact on the city’s popularity around the world. With the increase in the number of visitors, the region is increasingly developing its concept to become a unique place, which in addition to the opportunity for recreation and walking offers distinctive attractions to tourists.

After a series of subsequent expansions of the tourist centre in the 80s of the last century came to the idea of creating an attractive village. The idea is to attract tourists on the one hand with the opportunity to get acquainted with the northern customs, and on the other – to get acquainted with the fairy tale of Santa Claus. This is how the popular village is achieved today, which together with other tourist destinations in the region attracts over 90,000 tourists per year.

As a themed Christmas attraction, Santa’s village was created to take us beyond reality. The creators of the park aim to offer the visitor a truly magical experience. The buildings are thematically and functionally selected to create the feeling of the real existence of such a place.

The architectural layout of the buildings successfully contributes to the creation of this feeling. The buildings, built in the spirit of the traditional architecture of the northern regions, refer to the roots of the people and the traditions of Scandinavia. The three-dimensional solutions are mostly of low height, as in some of the buildings there is the characteristic elongation of the roof vertically. This decision is necessary due to severe winter conditions. The extreme meteorological features of the region create preconditions for snow retention, which requires a large slope.

The materials used for the construction of the buildings in the complex are mostly natural, found in abundance in the area. Most of the buildings are built of logs or planks and stone, and in the aesthetic design of the facades and interior spaces are applied traditional images of Scandinavian history and drawings of Christmas symbols.

…The true beauty of Christmas is revealed when we adore the season, not like some weary adult, but like a bubbly little child.
What attractions the theme park offers to your joy?
  • Santa’s office – it is in the heart of the village and is open all year round, and the visit includes following the Christmas tradition and visiting one of the most mystical offices in the world.
  • Santa’s post office – traditionally children from all over the world send their letters before the Christmas holidays, and this is the address. In addition, the site offers a unique collection of hand-painted gift cards and greeting letters.
  • Santa Park itself is a separate site located 2 km from Santa Village. There, tourists can find a variety of experiences such as an elven school, fine restaurants and gift and Christmas cake workshops.
  • The meeting with Santa Claus remains one of the most sought-after services offered in the park. Due to many applicants, it is necessary to book an appointment in advance.
  • The home of Santa and Grandma takes us into the family traditions of the northern peoples during Christmas. You can touch the atmosphere in the holiday home, decorated in the typical style of the area.

In addition to traditional Christmas attractions, the city offers a number of other entertainments. The crossing of the Arctic Circle may be the most impressive recovery that can give the news there. In the area, there are opportunities for hiking, winter safaris with elements and huskies, sleigh rides and more. Another popular recreation with spa resorts as well as small local restaurants.

Another interesting tourist destination nearby is the Snowman World resort. Every winter an ice restaurant is built there, which has a new design every year, and tourists have the opportunity to stay in authentic igloos.

The settlement of Santa Claus offers an unforgettable memory for young and old, combined with a look at the traditions of the northern peoples. The architectural appearance of the complex interprets the traditions of Scandinavian construction while offering a more modern and up-to-date functional view of the space.

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