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Say Yes To The World: In London with Yoss Cinematic

“Say Yes To The World” hashtag was created by Lufthansa. With #SayYesToTheWorld the German carrier invited everyone who wants to fly their dreams and reach that corner of the world that they have always dreamed of.

Now more than ever, and before all, we need to dream, open our senses to the world, and give all to the opportunity to embrace the journey as a source of inspiration. The global community of travel and hospitality has taken an unbearable blow from the poorly planned and ill-prepared WHO.

However, the #SayYesToTheWorld re-purpose is to provoke traditional perceptions and stereotypes, once again. And at the same time to show the immeasurable wealth that travel journey takes.

Join #SayYesToTheWorld first stop: In London with Yoss Cinematic. Share this article to social media, while answering the question, “Why You Love London.”

The few images that we selected from the incredible Yoss Cinematic photos will take you to one mysterious, eternal, and secretive London city.

These photos leave a deep feeling of temporary emptiness against the background of the sustainable presence of human constructiveness. Looks like all of them are reminding us that humankind is capable, knowledgeable and here to stay. Some of you may argue that prompts post-apocalyptic feeling, waiting for the humans’ return. In any case, Yoss Cinematic has captured greatness, magic, and place for imagination.

Why I love London? All-in-all, London’s taxis, the phone booths, and the Queen guards are the only constant in my life.

London is diverse, expensive, monumental, vibrant and conversation with a British man is always enlightening.


Saint Paul Cathedral, reopened on 13 July 2020 for sightseeing visits and resumed a full pattern of services.


Galleon ship-themed with oval-shaped, sophisticated, glass, and metal building.


The Tower Bridge crossing Thames River, emblematic London’s landmark.


Under the Millennium Bridge, linking Bankside with the City of London.

Say Yes To The World: Saint Paul Cathedral, London. At 365 feet (111 m) high, it was the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1963. The Cathedral has overlooked London City since 604 AD, and Yoss Cinematic has captured the eternity of this stately 7th-century building. On the Cathedral website, you will find COVID-19 updates, daily schedules, entrance tickets, and directions. Now you can experience St. Paul’s Cathedral digitally. You can listen to St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir recordings on Spotify. On the Cathedral YouTube channel, videos include some of the most exciting theologians and Christian thinkers in England. You can download St. Paul’s Cathedral multimedia guide app from Google Play and Apple store. The Cathedral shares content and interacts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

We do not know where in London Yoss Cinematic has captured the galleon ship-themed with oval-shaped, sophisticated, glass, and metal building. But what we do know is that the stamp of London is past and present, history and future, in synchrony and unique rhythm.

Moving further to the iconic Tower Bridge. This Gothic style, Victorian-era bridge architecture is beautifully emphasized by the colours of the image. The bridge original engine became redundant in 1974 when the system was modernized and was donated to the Forncett Industrial Steam Museum. The two leaves of the bridge, weighing over 1,000 tons each, are counterbalanced and allow raising in five minutes.

Looking at Yoss Cinematic last image colours resonance sends us back to the opening of the Millennium bridge. The project is a footbridge and initially opened in June 2000. Pedestrians experienced an alarming swaying motion on its opening day.

Then the bridge was closed for almost two years and reopened in February 2002. The Millennium bridge appears in many movies with” Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, ” Guardians of the Galaxy” and Netflix’s ” Black Mirror” among the most popular.

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