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Elegance which will stay with you for life. Stylish timeless designs with Michaela.

Every woman will undoubtedly find herself looking for that perfectly glamorous statement dress for an important occasion more than once in her lifetime. Be it for a school dance, a friend’s wedding, a red-carpet event, an important party or another social event of significant importance. You will probably find yourself searching every corner on earth to find that eternally stylish piece worthy of your time and investment.

You will be grateful to have stumbled upon this piece in essence, written especially for you, and will help end your search. Introducing you to a style of dress that will show what your body is capable of. What your curves were designed to look like. These pieces are so intriguing. You will want to browse through all these magnificent, one-of-a-kind creations before making your final decision.

You can be certain that if you wear one of these dresses, you will not only look like a superstar, but you will also most definitely feel like one too. The phrase effortlessly beautiful comes to mind when one sees these remarkable, elegant, and vibrant designs.

The designer of these unique pieces has a superpower of knowing how to make a dress fit. To such an extent that every single part of your body feels like it was designed for the dress.

The genius style allows for the body to be comfortably shaped by the remarkable fastening along the back of the dress. If you do not believe they’re comfortable you really should try one on so you can see and feel for yourself.

Whether you are a fan of cleavage or modest attire, they can be adjusted to your needs. Little or no tailoring necessary. Trying on and owning one of these statement pieces should absolutely be on everyone’s wish list. They will make an unforgettable impression on you and on anyone who sees you wearing one of these unique masterpieces. They are truly fit for royalty.

As can be seen, these dresses are designed to allow you to have complete confidence in your own skin. They comfortably allow for natural movement. Altogether staying perfectly in place and looking as though they were designed especially for your body.

They accentuate your natural curves and create that all-important shape that makes you feel divine. This shows how some of the most recognizable designers in the world of fashion, apprise elegance and style to fashion lovers.


‘Fashion fades, Style is eternal’ -Yves Saint Laurent.


“Elegance is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” Giorgio Armani


“Individuality will always be one of the conditions of real elegance.” Christian Dior

Remember this valuable advice from another exceptionally talented designer when choosing that next all-important addition to your humble but impressive wardrobe. For elegance which will stay with you for life.

Dressed in timeless elegance, you will not need to worry about adjusting yourself throughout the evening. Moreover, will load you loads of extra time to stay present. Have fun and conquer new social heights while being the life (and talk) of the party. These dresses effortlessly evoke the goddess in you. They are a powerful, personal statement.

Nothing short of exquisite and every woman who owns one knows and is humbled by their timeless style. An invaluable addition to any collection and wardrobe. The elegance which will stay with you for life.

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Much love to you all and happy shopping



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