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4 Countries for Your Fabulous Winter Vacation

Winter is coming. 4 Countries that can cater to your fabulous winter vacation.

Winter is here in most of the world. With the C-19 grabbing headlines across the world throughout this year, it has truly called attention to the fact that we must improve our relationship with the natural world.

As we head into the end of the year, how about showing your appreciation for our planet by planning your next vacation somewhere close to nature? From a massive ” home alone” period to urging decision-makers to take clear steps to mend our relationship with nature, there are many ways you can help make a difference.

The future of our amazing planet is in our hands, and every one of us has the power to make a positive change, and driving the extinction of the hospitality industry is not one of them.

For example, winter sports are carbon-free, full of fun and out in the open.

Choose locality for your winter getaway in a small village where you can walk around to the ski slope, restaurants and gift shops.

From the animals, we see almost every day, to the creatures still undiscovered in the world’s remotest places, to the insects within your neighbourhood and the water we drink, people and nature are all deeply connected.

Plan your outdoor activities as a portion of a carbon-free time and to be gentle with nature. Oh, yes, you can also plan to avoid crowds. All in all your fabulous winter vacation is in the details.

Switzerland, this mountain country is full of tourist destinations.

by Unknown Traveler

To find small, charming holiday destination in Switzerland is not difficult. Besides atmosphere, charm and hospitality you will also have a portion of Swiss discipline. This will make your pandemic worries go away.

Some of the best ski resorts in Europe are in Switzerland. St. Moritz – the international centre of sports and fashion is well known for its unique atmosphere, traditions in skiing and pristine nature. Many of the most attractive Swiss ski resorts are in the canton of Wallis.

All ski resorts in Switzerland are easily accessible by train or car. The resorts offer many accommodation options. Tourists can choose from small family hotels to luxury first-class hotels.

Next is Austria. She has plenty to offer for this fabulous winter vacation – skiers, snowboarders and fans of high peaks, all would be satisfied. Experience an unforgettable ski holiday in the Austrian Alps.

Most of the Austrian territory is occupied by the Alps, so the country’s specialization in winter vacations is predetermined. The ski areas in Austria are dotted with small ski villages, which have a cosy atmosphere and maintain ancient traditions.

Thousands of small and large resorts amaze the tourist imagination. The towns and villages in the ski areas are scattered very densely, and the overall infrastructure of the Austrians is well thought out.

The highest slopes are in the famous province of Tyrol – here are concentrated the “main” ski resorts of the country.

…Tyrol is remarkable not only for its picturesque landscapes but also for a number of elite ski resorts. Austria also boasts unique year-round areas, such as Bad Gastein and Zell am See.

In the same way, French ski resorts are highly valued by both amateurs and professionals. France has hosted the White Olympics three times – Chamonix (1924). Grenoble (1968) and Albertville (1992). It was here in Chamonix in 1924 that the tradition of the Winter Olympics was first laid.

The ski resorts are in both the Alps and the Pyrenees. Alpine resorts are more famous and popular due to their high location, long season and extensive ski areas. However, the Pyrenees also have their fans – those who love snow and sun and a leisurely vacation away from the noise and crowds, come here. You also need to secure a proper holiday in the Pyrenees, much cheaper with the same quality.

France is an amazing place, a real paradise due to its favorable geographical location.

by Wanderlust Magazine

Ski resorts in France began to develop in the early nineteenth century and especially quickly after World War II. Starting much later than the Austrians and the Swiss, the French soon surpassed them in terms of resort equipment and infrastructure. It was the French who came up with the idea to unite the ski areas of the small villages, thus forming a proposal that is impossible to resist.

The 20 ski resorts scattered throughout the French Pyrenees tend to have less developed infrastructure than the Alps, but they offer a pleasant atmosphere and tranquillity and large areas of untouched wildlife. Some of the most popular ski resorts in the French Pyrenees include Saint-Larry, Piau Engelli, Gavarne and Cotre.

Winter is here. On the doorstep of Bulgaria, and for many of us the most wonderful time of the cold season is at home, warm, huddled in a favourite blanket with our loved ones. We dream of travelling and a pleasant experience with friends, but we often plan them for spring and the time when the snow melts.

We often overlook winter as a travel season, but this is a mistake. If you are a traveller at heart but do not want to travel too long because of the cold, there are several places in Bulgaria where you can go and have fabulous winter vacation. The snow will only make the winter fairy tale more beautiful. Here are the places for an affordable winter vacation in Bulgaria.

1. Ski resorts – If you are a fan of winter sports and adrenaline, then every ski resort in the country will offer you what you need for an unforgettable winter vacation. Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Dobrinishte. Each of these places enchanted with excellent conditions for winter sports and relaxation in a spa setting. Here you will be able, in addition to satisfying your hunger for adrenaline, to rest completely.

2. Sandanski – If you want to escape the cold and are fond of relaxation and wine, head south. There you will be greeted by one of the warmest spa resorts in the country, Sandanski. Known for its mineral waters and fresh air, it will offer you ideal conditions for relaxation, walks and high-quality wine. You can take a wine tour of the many wineries in the area, visit Melnik and immerse yourself in its atmosphere or just relax in one of the spa centres of the city.

3. Ribaritsa, translated should be Fisherman – If you just want to escape from the hectic everyday life, take a trip in nature and spend time with friends, Ribaritsa is your place. Here you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere, hospitable attitude and tranquillity that radiates the majestic Balkan Mountain.

4. Veliko Tarnovo – For lovers of history and beautiful views, the old capital Tarnovo has prepared a hospitable attitude and breath-taking views. The localities of Tsarevets and Arbanassi will impress you with their beauty even in winter, and the many historical landmarks will take you back to the past when the kings ruled over Greater Bulgaria.

5. Tryavna – The small Revival town is another wonderful proposal for an escape from the hectic everyday life. Here you will be captivated by incredible peace and a sense of timelessness. Here you will be able to meet authentic craftsmen who with all their love still prepare icon painting, woodcarving and iconographic art.

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